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shaym Poolside with my love @itsashbenzo 👌

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‘I thought that was a weakness, but I realise now those sensitivities can be a real strength. Today I celebrate my sensitivities.’

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liv asked for louis in a croptop and pixie asked for zayn in a croptop so here’s demon!zouis in a croptop 100% because i didn’t feel like drawing eyeballs

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#the greatest #i’ve got red in my ledger. i’d like to wipe it clean. #she manipulates people’s gendered expectations of her to extract information #she conducts interrogations by letting people think they’ve bested her #by letting men think they’ve bested her #because she’s small and fragile and female and she is emotional and easy to snap in half #and then she tears them apart #and it’s the greatest thing and you’re the greatest thing and i love you #get your own movie

My favorite part is how Phil’s not even slightly concerned. Not even a tiny bit tense. He’s just bopping there, waiting until she’s done. The sound of breaking bones is Natasha’s hold music.

The sound of breaking bones is Natasha’s hold music.

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